In 2011, Visconti brought out an entire collection dedicated to the Dutch Art Master Vincent van Gogh. This collection was first available as an entire collectors set, with each pen having a unique pattern, inspired by one of Van Gogh's most famous paintings.

Over the years, Visconti started to bring out every single one of these pens as a single pen. They're not just available as a whole set anymore, but as separate pens as well. Visconti van Gogh 'Vincents Chair' is now available as a single pen!

The color scheme of the painting 'Vincents Chair' is used in the design and pattern on this pen. It looks like the colors are painted on the pen directly, with brush strokes! A beautiful writing instrument by Visconti!


Product number: 78644
Brand: Visconti
Color: Groen,Geel

Visconti Van Gogh Vincent's Chair Ballpoint

Product number: 78644
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Visconti Van Gogh Vincent's Chair Ballpoint
Visconti Van Gogh Vincent's Chair Ballpoint
Fr. 206.20