What colour is a song? What does a word taste like?

These peculiar questions introduce us to a fascinating topic that crosses neurological sciences, as well as art and literature. We are referring to the world of synesthesia. Contrary to the word “anaesthesia”, which means ‘loss of sensation’, the term “synesthesia” comes from the Greek sýn, meaning ‘join’, and aisthánomai, meaning ‘I feel’, referring to the idea of ‘feeling together’.

People with synesthesia can savor a word, see a sound, hear a color, involuntarily and automatically experiencing a blending of the senses that characterizes a rich and dense way of experiencing the world.

The joining of different sensations typical of synesthetic experiences also features arts: the painter Kandinsky, for example, talks about colours and music as intrinsically intertwined and the poem “Il Bove” by Giosuè Carducci addresses the “green silence”.

To the shapes and colours of the paintings, able to turn into musical notes, and to the written word, capable of creating dense and sensorial images, Scribo dedicates the colours of our new Senso, Fusione and Sinestesia fountain pens of the PIUMA collection. Their lively, fluctuating colours are embellished with silver intrusion and are created with Diamond Cast, a material made with Alumilite and a combination of real diamond and various pigments.

The Piuma Fusione features a light blue and burgundy body. The cap, barrel and section are made in Diamond Cast, and the clip and metal components with platinum trim. The pen features a 14K gold nib and can be used with cartridges or a converter.


Product number: PUIFP11PL140
Brand: Scribo
Color: Rood,Blauw
Length: 145
Width: 16
Weight: 30

Scribo Piuma Fusione Fountain Pen

Product number: PUIFP11PL140
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Scribo Piuma Fusione Fountain Pen
Scribo Piuma Fusione Fountain Pen
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