Sailor celebrates the 5th anniversary of the Shikiori (four seasons) series with the "Minori" special edition.

The design of this pen depicts the scenery of rice paddies whose colours keep changing throughout the four seasons. The shape is reminiscent of a single grain of glossy rice, and the colouring is based on the image of fresh rice and rice ears.

"Minori" means 'bountiful harvest' in Japanese.

Both fountain pen and ink themselves express the flow of the seasons through rice cultivation:

  • The blue coloured barrel of the pen represents the planting of rice with water, and the reflection of the sky on the water surface.
  • The greenish grip section of the pen represents the growing rice ears under sunshine.
  • The transparant cap with golden specks represents the rice ready for harvest.
  • The ink changes from greenish immediately after writing to an earthy colour as is dries to represent the way rice plants ripen to a golden colour and eventually return to the soil.

The fountain pen has a 14k nib, and is only available in MF. The pen comes in a special gift packaging together with a bottle of Shikiori ink.


Product number: 10-1050-368
Brand: Sailor
Color: Blauw

Sailor 1911S Shikiori 5th Anniversary 'Minori' Fountain Pen

Product number: 10-1050-368
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Sailor 1911S Shikiori 5th Anniversary 'Minori' Fountain Pen
Sailor 1911S Shikiori 5th Anniversary 'Minori' Fountain Pen
€ 224,00