S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Lighter Matte Black

S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Lighter Matte Black
€ 150,00 ex. VAT:€ 123,97


This luxurious lighter is made of matt black with chrome details.

The name of the lighter refers to the width, namely 7 millimeters wide. Therefore, the lighter is perfect to use on-the-go, or to store in you bag or jeanpocket. Additionally, the weight of the lighter is also to be remarked: this luxurious instrument only weighs 45 grams!

The lighter can be refilled with gas, but is not delivered as filled by S.T. Dupont. This is because of safety reasons. Gas refills can be found on this page.

S.T. Dupont is a well-known brand that ensures quality and longterm use. Thus, this lighter is guaranteed to bring you years of joy and pleasant use.


Product number: 027710
Brand: ST Dupont
Stock: 5
Color: Zwart
Length: 37
Width: 7
Height: 67
Weight: 45

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