Montegrappa Rollerbals

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  • The Extra 1930 exudes Italian finesse with Mazzucchelli celluloid and trims of 925 Sterling Silver. Its precise balance of material and form has been perfected over more than a century. 

    This luxurious writing instrument is a unique work of art made of exotic and opulent materials. Connoisseur-grade components and mechanical perfection unite in Montegrappa’s quintessential silhouette. Factory-standard and custom-design pens provide for an exhilarating performance – the reference level in writing.

    A handcrafted walnut presentation case lends the Extra the permanence and presence it deserves. 

    € 850,00 (€ 702,48 excl. VAT)

    Montegrappa Extra 1930 Bamboo Black Rollerball

    Code: ISEXTRCC
    Brand: Montegrappa
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  • Elegant and refined, this luxurious writing instrument invites one to make a statement with its copper identity.

    The professionals at Montegrappa have combined their skills to create the Mini Mule. The pen has been inspired by an earlier edition of the Montegrappa Fortuna

    The cap and barrel is crafted in mirror-polished copper, further defined by a brushed silver-plated trim. The effect recalls the well-used, vintage piping and tubing employed in the process of producing grappa. 

    Over the time, each Montegrappa Mule will acquire its own unique patina through handling by its fond owner, truly personalising the writing instrument. Easily recyclable, copper is a noble and hygienic metal that slows down the growth of germs. It is widely used in refined gastronomy and health equipment, as well as in architectural design and various artistic forms.

    The Mini Mule is also available in a fountain pen or ballpoint pen. 

    € 225,00 (€ 185,95 excl. VAT)

    Montegrappa Mini Mule Copper Rollerball

    Code: ISFSHRCU
    Brand: Montegrappa
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