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  • This writing instrument belongs to the Kaweco Student collection, a design made specially for young students.

    The Student line stands for nostalgia and success.

    Once Kaweco started in a small retail store in 1883, close to the university of Heidelberg in Germany, the pens grew popular among students over time.

    The relationship between the brand and students is therefore reflected in the design of the pen, as the sumbol of success for Kaweco.

    The body of the pen contains a creme color and the cap is available in different colors: orange, green and blue. This is the orange version.

    Especially this color is typical of and makes us remember the 70's.

    The material of the pen consists of high-grade resin, ensuring lognterm use.

    Furthermore, the pen contains traditional gold accents, decorated with iconic Kaweco engraving. The nib is also gold colored, including the characteristic engraving.

    Even though this writing instrument is specifically designed for students, this pen makes a universal model which can be purchased by all generations: whether that is by a current student or later ages that long for nostalgic memories from their past student life.

    € 62,50 (€ 51,65 excl. VAT)

    Kaweco Student 70's Soul Rollerball

    Code: 10001750
    Brand: Kaweco
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    Stock: 5
  • Kaweco
    AL Sport Rollerball
    Gold, Limited Edition

    The new special edition of Kaweco is in gold this time! Made of high quality aluminum.
    With the Kaweco AL Sport Gold, mobile phones and laptos are left behind and time is taken for a few nice words on paper!
    This writing instrument is a perfect combination of solid weight and fine steel, which offers you a high level of writing comfort. 

    The AL Kaweco Sport Gold is available in a fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint and mechanical pencil.

    € 78,00 (€ 64,46 excl. VAT)

    Kaweco AL Sport Gold Limited Edition Rollerball

    Code: 10001904
    Brand: Kaweco
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 1

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