Celluloid is a flammable, half transparent material. It softens at 90 degrees celcius and hardens when cooled. It is easy to cast and carve and also to produce in a variety of beautiful colours and patterns. Years ago many pens were made out of Celluloid. Unfortunetly, the material has been recognized as difficult, due to a drying time of over six months. Recently, it has become popular again.

De #3776 Century Celluloid Ocean Fountain Pen has a blue marbled pattern with chrome details. The fountain pen has a 14 carat golden nib.

The Platinum #3776 collection is launched in 1978. Writing instruments in this collection are designed by the Japanese expert Haruo Umeda, who's goal it was to create the perfect fountain pen. The numer 3776 refers to the height of Mount Fuji, the most impressive and beautiful mountain of Japan. The Japanese brand Platinum is well-known for its innovative slip-and-seal cap. This prevents the ink from drying out in the pen, even if you don't use it for months. The Platinum #3776 writing instruments are among the best in the world.


Product number: PBT-35000S-50
Brand: Platinum
Color: Blauw

Platinum #3776 Century Celluloid Midnight Ocean Fountain Pen

Product number: PBT-35000S-50
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Platinum #3776 Century Celluloid Midnight Ocean Fountain Pen
Platinum #3776 Century Celluloid Midnight Ocean Fountain Pen
€ 500,00