The Pilot Capless fountain pens are the perfect combination between luxury and technology, which makes the pen exceptional.

This fountain pen distinguishes itself from others since it does not have a cap.

With a single click, the nib comes out. The material of the nib consists of 18kt gold and rhodium plating for longterm use.

This pen is part of the Graphite series which is known for its rhodium trims, in either gold or silver. The body of the pen represents the material graphite and is available in the colors black, blue, white and red.

Pilot Capless pens can be refilled with ink cartridges and with a converter using bottled ink.


Product number: FC-1500-RR GR-L-M
Brand: Pilot
Color: Blauw

Pilot Capless Graphite Blue Fountain Pen

Product number: FC-1500-RR GR-L-M
€ 229,00 € 189,26 ex. VAT
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Pilot Capless Graphite Blue Fountain Pen
Pilot Capless Graphite Blue Fountain Pen
€ 229,00