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  • Parker converter which can be used for Parker Sonnet, Parker Premier and Parker Duofold fountain pens.

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    Parker Converter De Luxe

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    Brand: Parker
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  • Parker converter can be used in Parker Urban, Parker IM and Parker Vector fountain pens.

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    Parker Converter Standard

    Code: SO953290
    Brand: Parker
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Parker pens for sale - PW Akkerman Amsterdam

Parker pens

Looking for Parker pens? Take a look at our assortment. Parker pens are known for its quality, reliability, and durability. In addition, these pens are rather comfortable to write with. It is made by one of the most popular pen brands in the world. Take a look at our webshop.

Parker pens for sale

Parker pens for sale

P.W. Akkerman is the Parker pen shop for you! Here you can find a wide range of Parker pens for sale, like rollerballs, ballpoints, and the Parker fountain pen. You can easily order your luxurious pens online, but our shop in Amsterdam is also definitely worth a visit!

About Parker Pen Company

The Parker Pen Company is a pen manufacturer which stands for quality, reliability, and durability: it’s perhaps the best known and sold pen brand in the world. The brand is characterized by the iconic arrow clip, of which the arrow also comes back in the logo of the company. The clip was designed by Joseph Platt in 1933, who got the inspiration for the design from the passion for aviation of the founder's son Kenneth. The company has grown and grown ever since its establishment in 1888. Nowadays these pens are manufactured and sold all over the world.

The founder

George Stafford Parker was a teacher, who besides his teaching job sold fountain pens for the John Holland Gold Pen Company. Back then, his biggest customers were his pupils. He often came across broken pens and was particularly irritated by the leaking ink, which was a common flaw in the design of pens in the 19th century. George spent a lot of time repairing all these pens and finally decided that he wanted to make a better pen himself. A year after founding his company, George had patented his first fountain pen and the company has innovated its Parker pens ever since.

Parker fountain pen

The Parker fountain pen that caused the company's big breakthrough in 1894 was the Lucky Curve: George had finally created a pen that did not leak. The anti-leak system ensured that the ink flowed back into the reservoir when the pen was not being used. From then on this system was used in almost every Parker fountain pen design. Within our wide range of Parker pens, you will definitely succeed. Take for example the Parker Sonnet fountain pen or the Parker Jotter pen: they will surely last a lifetime!

Parker pen ballpoint

After some earlier attempts, the company introduced its first ballpoint pen in 1954: the Jotter. This was a pen with an extra-large ink cartridge. With this pen, it was possible to write five times more than with a standard ballpoint pen. The Parker pen Jotter proved to be a great success: in its first year, there were over 3.5 million Jotter pens sold. To this day, the Jotter is still one of the most popular Parker pens. If you are looking for a reliable ballpoint pen, you have come to the right place. P.W. Akkerman offers a wide range of ballpoint pens such as the IM, Parker Sonnet ballpoint, and the Duofold pen.

Rollerball pens

The idea behind the rollerball was to create a pen with the system of a ballpoint and the ink of a Parker fountain pen. Thus, in 1966 the first Parker rollerball pen came on the market: the Touché. Rollerball pens produce smooth lines through a constant flow of ink, providing a smooth, non-stop writing experience. If you are looking for a rollerball that you can enjoy for a lifetime, you don't have to look further than P.W. Akkerman. We offer a wide range of Parker rollerball pens like the luxurious Premier and the Vector pen for an affordable Parker pens price.

Mechanical pencils

In the 1920s Parker was busy inventing the mechanical pencil. Two years after the introduction of the rollerball, the Parker pencil became available in 1968 with a capacity of up to 50000 words. A Parker mechanical pencil is a suitable writing or drawing instrument for people working as an illustrator or in the graphic sector. This is mainly because it produces consistently narrow lines, it’s easy to refill and the point remains sharp.

Parker Ingenuity

Parker 5th is the most recent type of pen and was introduced in 2011. The design of the Parker Ingenuity has the appearance of a classic Parker fountain pen but writes like a fine liner. This special pen gets its name from the 5th way of writing, apart from the fountain pen, ballpoint pen, rollerball, and mechanical pencil. The groundbreaking 5th technology quickly adapts to your personal writing style with each time you use it and thus provides an effortlessly smooth, customized writing experience.

Pen refills

In 1931, the pen manufacturer introduced a quick-drying ink called "Quink", which is a combination of the words 'quick' and 'ink'. Parker Quink refill is used in most of their inks, like their fountain pen ink, ballpoint ink, and rollerball refill. In our shops, we offer the right pen refill for the pen of your choice. Each Parker refill is optimally matched to the company's writing instruments and is of course always of the highest quality.

Pencil cases

To make sure your pen doesn’t get damaged while you carry it in your bag, you can choose to transport it in a special Parker pencil case. These cases are made of the finest quality leather and are available in black and cognac brown. On our webshop, you also have the choice to order a beautiful gift box with an ink pen and a pencil case, which makes for a unique gift!

Engrave Parker pen

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a loved one, a work anniversary present, or a special wedding gift, then you’re at the right place. While placing your order, you can choose a personalized Parker pen engraving. Think for example of a text like an important date or quote, or just the initials of the happy recipient. Whatever kind of text you choose to engrave, it will always be a unique and very special gift that will surely last a lifetime.

Buy your luxurious Parker pens at P.W. Akkerman!

Looking for Parker pens for sale for yourself or as an exclusive gift? It can be difficult to choose between all the beautiful pens we offer in our range. Be sure to take a look at our pen sets. A Parker pen set consists of at least two different pens, such as a combination of a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil or a combination of a ballpoint and a fountain pen. Whatever suits you or the recipient of the gift best! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or visit our store in Amsterdam! We will be happy to help you choose your new pen!