The 2018 Sonnet Special Edition collection are four unique writing instruments. Every instrument celebrates something that connects all of us: our curiosity to discover the unknown.

George Parker's curiosity and passion for travel brought him to every corner of the world, which gave him insipiation for iconic designs in the past. Each writing instrument is inspired by the emotional phases that we experience when we travel: Challenge, Exploration, Reflection and by the whole Journey itself.

The Sonnet Special Edition from Parker allows the traveler to capture every special experience on paper. It is in the Parker Sonnet its nature to write full sentences, and thereby enrich the descriptions and experiences with small details.

The rollerball with black, gold and silver also called "impression" is inspired by the postage and stamps on a passport.

The barrel of the writing instrument is made of brass and finished with black matt powder. The cap is made of stainless steel. In the cap are postages and stamps engraved.


Product number: 2054836
Brand: Parker
Color: Zwart

Parker Sonnet Special Edition 2018 Impression Rollerball

Product number: 2054836
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Parker Sonnet Special Edition 2018 Impression Rollerball
Parker Sonnet Special Edition 2018 Impression Rollerball
€ 217,00