Parker Ingenuity 5th technology. Parker 5TH stands for the most advanced writing technology in recent times. Following decades of fine writing being led by classic pens, the 5TH way of writing combines all the advantages providing you with smooth, clean writing.

Discover Parker’s new innovation: the 5th.

Originally named after the four different writing instruments: the fountain pen, ballpoint, rollerball and fineliner. All together they form the new generation: the 5th.

Due to an intensive research about how to fit the best features of all pens into one, the 5th was made, enhancing a subtle and pleasant writing experience that will let your pen flow onto paper.

Incorporating a metal cap at the tip that provides flexibility.

The special refill comes with unique advantages: no leakages, regularly flowing ink and a soft tip that adapts to your own style and way of writing.


Product number: S0959250
Brand: Parker
Color: Zwart

Parker 5th Ingenuity Black Rubber C.T.

Product number: S0959250
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Parker 5th Ingenuity Black Rubber C.T.
Parker 5th Ingenuity Black Rubber C.T.
€ 191,00