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As mentioned, PW Akkerman is the specialist in the field of fountain pens, but you will also find many other writing instruments such as ballpoint pens, rollerballs, mechanical pencils and fineliners. A luxury pen is always nice to receive but also to give. Have the pen of your choice engraved for a personalized gift. We also have a wide range of office supplies and luxury accessories.

Ballpoint pens

The ballpoint pen was invented around 1930 by the Hungarian Ladislao José Biro. He felt that the fountain pen's ink was not drying fast enough. Together with his brother he developed a pen with a ball in the tip. The ball closed off the ink reservoir, so that the ink no longer flowed directly onto the paper but through the ball. In 1948 they sold the patent to BIC. This company marketed the pen to the general public from 1950 onwards.

Nowadays there are many different brands of ballpoint pens in various designs. In addition, each brand has several lines of ballpoint pens, each with its own design.


Rollerball was introduced in 1963 by the Japanese company Ohto. The rollerball has 2 types of pens; the gel ink pen and the liquid ink pen. A rollerball is actually a pen with a fountain pen effect.

With the rollerball, less pressure needs to be exerted than with a ballpoint pen while writing. This makes writing a lot smoother than with a ballpoint pen. This makes a rollerball ideal for people with rheumatism, for example.


A fineliner or fine writer is a marker with a very fine point. This results in very thin and clean lines. This makes a fineliner ideal for other purposes in addition to writing. Think for example of hand lettering or even graphic and illustrative drawings.

Fine scribers are available with a tip in various thicknesses from 0.05mm to 0.9mm. In our range you will find fineliners from various brands from simple to very luxurious.

Mechanical pencils

The mechanical pencil , called mechanical pencil, as was first described by Conrad Gesner in 1565. However, there had to be a lot of tinkering. Over the years, several people have further developed the mechanical pencil. It was not until around 1915 that Charles R. Keeran developed a pencil that is the forerunner of today's mechanical pencil. This was marketed as "Eversharp" pencil.

PW Akkerman has a wide range of luxury mechanical pencils from various brands such as Pelikan , Kaweco and Retro51. Pencil refills are available in various thicknesses and hardnesses.


The first colored pencil was developed around 1908 by the German company Faber. A new product was made from the marking pencil; the colored pencil. The pencils were made in 60 colors that were the same as the then standard watercolor colors. The colored pencils were specially produced for drawing education. After the war, production resumed in 1924. Caran d'Ache soon followed with the production of colored pencils and Stabilo also started production in 1925.

We have a wide range of drawing pencils and colored pencils in our range for young and old.

Office Supplies and Accessories

In addition to writing instruments, you will also find a wide range of office supplies such as diaries , notebooks and organizers . Are you looking for a chic bag or suitcase for your documents or laptop? Even then you have come to the right place at PW Akkerman. We have a number of luxury bags and luxury suitcases from various brands in our range. With a beautiful Picard bag, for example, you will always look good.

Luxury Gifts

You can of course give a luxury pen as a gift, but besides pens you will find more nice gifts with us. How about a beautiful set of luxurious cufflinks, for example ? Cufflinks are chic men's jewelry that will complete your outfit. Whether it concerns a business meeting or a party, we have beautiful cufflinks in our range for every occasion. Give a nice set of cufflinks as a gift or treat yourself.

In addition to cufflinks, we have many other beautiful gifts in our range. For example leather belts from the leading brand Montblanc. With our belts you are assured of a durable and stylish belt. And how about a St. Dupont lighter , or a wallet or card holder?

If you are looking for a luxurious personal gift, you will certainly find it at PW Akkerman.