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  • The hardcover version features innovative, brushed metal optics and meets the highest standards of design and quality. Its colour-contrasting elements allowthe notebook to enjoy a contemporary yet timeless look. Superb features on the inside include a 192-page thread-stitched book block with Lamy ruling as well as a folder pocket in the cover.
    colour options: dark purple, ocean blue, black
    includes pen loop for writing instruments
    innovative, brushed metal optic
    colour inspired by LAMY AL-star
    elastic band closure
    192 pages, 90 g/m2, chamois
    folder pocket in the cover
    book block with thread stitching
    8 detachable sheets
    with Lamy ruled, squared, dotted paper
    acid-free paper
    size: A5  145x210


    Lamy hardcover notebook with special liniature A5 purple

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    Brand: Lamy
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  • The LAMY digital paper comes with NeoLAB’s proprietary ncode technology. Every stroke made on the page is saved - creating a complete digital copy of the notebook with all the options you could need for working on that text in future.

    Each page contains a tiny pattern - barely visible to the naked eye. These codes hold information unique to each page, including pen position. The Neo LAB ncode sensor reads the codes from the blank surface - the processor (CPU) contained in the smart pen performs the complex mathematical calculation to locate the pen position on the page.

    With the handy paper controller line width or colour can be selected easily and immediately for the digitally saved version of writing or sketches. The ideal solution to stay in the creative flow without having to put the pen down.

    Size 145 x 210 mm, 192 pages of 80-gram bleed-proof acid-free paper with thread-sewn binding, ivory-coloured with pale grey dot ruling. With 8 detachable pages, 2 fabric bookmark ribbons, a pocket on the inside back cover, an elastic band to hold it together and the keeper for the LAMY safari all black ncode.

    LAMY Neo Lab Digital Paper Medium Notebook

    Code: 1236415
    Brand: LAMY
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