Montblanc Great Characters Walt Disney Rollerball

Montblanc Great Characters Walt Disney Rollerball
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A new addition to the Great Characters collection by Montblanc. This time, a tribute to Walt Disney, who's name is forever connected to the art of animation video and the American film history. An imperium of unthinkably big proportions is the result of his progressiveness and inventive methods of animation and film making.

The colors of this rollerball refer to the original poster of "Steamboat Willy" (1920), the character that later on became known as Mickey Mouse. The entire pen consists of subtle hints that refer to Mickey Mouse as well as Walt Disney. In the cap of the pen you will find the signature of Walt Disney, and multiple silhouettes of Mickey Mouse's face are placed on the black-colored body of the pen. To top it off, there are coordinates engraved in the pen. These coordinates are a tribute to the place where a lot of Disney's imperium all started: the garage of his uncle.


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