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Are you looking for a luxury notebook for school, college or work? Or perhaps you want to start a bullet journal and are you looking for a dotted notebook for that? Whatever kind of notebook you are looking for, you will find it in our range. Moleskine is known for its beautiful, high-quality notebooks. It is therefore not for nothing that similar notebooks were very popular among big names in literary and art history, such as Oscar Wilde and Vincent van Gogh.

Moleskine notebook

At Moleskine you have a wide choice of different types of notebooks: there is really a special notebook for everyone. Whether you are looking for a large or small notebook, a blank notebook or a dot notebook, or perhaps a smart notebook: we have it in our range. The Moleskine notebooks come in different sizes: from a large notebook to mini notebooks. With a Moleskine notepad there is always enough space for every thought or idea that comes to mind. So take a quick look at our wide range!

Why buy a Moleskine notebook?

There is a Moleskine notebook for every way of taking notes. Consider, for example, keeping a Moleskine bullet journal. A bullet journal is a kind of agenda planner that you create yourself in a dotted notebook . A blank notebook is perfect for making sketches with your notes and if you want your notebook to be lined , for all your school, study and work notes, you can of course also contact us. In addition, you can buy a checkered notebook here - great for making charts.

Buy a bullet journal

In your own bullet journal, you can be as creative or as minimalist as you want. With a bullet journal you can compile your own agenda planner. For example, fill in the blank dotted notebook paper with the days of the week and bullet points for your appointments and other notes below. In between you can share many other ideas and thoughts in any way you want. Consider, for example, a reading list with books you still want to read, a page to keep track of your budget per month or a “gratitude” page. You can decorate the pages with, for example, washi tape and beautifully colored markers and pens. It doesn't get more personal than a bullet journal!

Moleskine Passion journal

In addition to the usual notebooks in which only the lines, dots or squares are printed, you can also buy a notebook especially for your passion: the Moleskine Passion Journals . Think of a baby diary in which you can record your pregnancy and the first two years of your baby. This will give you a nice overview of everything that came with this later! We also have a nice empty recipe book for the chefs among us in which you can put your own recipes and a Moleskine travel journal for those who like to explore the world and a Moleskine gardening journal for those with green fingers. There is a suitable passion journal for everyone!

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Moleskine Smart Notebook

With the smart notebook from Moleskine you can back up your notes. This way you can be sure that your thoughts, ideas and other notes will not be lost in the unlikely event that something should happen to your Moleskine notebook. The Moleskine Ellipse Smart Writing Set consists of:

- A notebook with dotted paper especially suitable for the Pen +;
- The Moleskine Pen + smartpen;
- A USB for charging the smartpen;
- One ink refill for the pen;
- User manual.

Thanks to Ncoded technology, the smartpen recognizes the location in the tablet notebook, which is transferred to the digital file in the app immediately after writing. With this set, your notes are shared from the paper to the cloud. From now on your notebook is online in the cloud, you will never lose your notes and you always have them at hand!

Moleskine limited edition notebook

With the limited editions, everyone can buy a nice notebook at Moleskine. And always of the best quality! There are various notebooks with a nice cover based on the characters of The Simpsons and Hello Kitty, but there are also beautiful Moleskine Harry Potter notebooks available. The great names in art and music history are also reflected in the Moleskine limited edition notebooks , such as Frida Kahlo, Vincent van Gogh and David Bowie. The designs on the covers of the limited edition notebooks perfectly represent the style of the characters and figures, making it a sure source of inspiration for you!

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With us you have plenty of choice of notebooks to find one that perfectly suits you and your way of taking minutes. With Moleskine notebooks you get a luxury notebook of the best quality at home. In addition to the Moleskine notebooks mentioned above, there are other booklets to choose from. For example, you can buy a leather notebook or a notebook. Take a quick look at our wide range!

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