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  • The emblematic Le Grand Dupont is reinvented! With a new, more audacious edition, the New Grand Dupont, with its refined design, offers you a unique sensory experience. The "Cling" announces a precious and memorable moment. The dual ignition system allows you to choose between a soft flame or a turbo flame to light your cigar.

    For the first time, a screwdriver is included and allows you to change the screws of the lighter yourself.

    S.T. Dupont Le Grand Cling Diamond Head Palladium Lighter

    Code: C23011
    Brand: ST Dupont
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    € 1.260,00 (€ 1.041,32 excl. VAT)

  • Two symbols of unique know-how, Montecristo and S.T. Dupont have come together to create exceptional products. This new collection was created for fans of both brands.

    These pieces tell the tale of Edmond Dantès, The Count of Monte Cristo, with their pattern reminiscent of the moment when everything catches fire. Light and dark, the third part of Alexandre Dumas’ novel really brings the Count of Monte Cristo to life, like when dawn follows the night. Edmond Dantès, now a major figure, takes revenge on his enemies and conquers them all. The Aurore line with soft yet bright hues evokes peace and serenity after a tormented journey – a renewal revealed by this luminous and rosy glow.

    The Le Grand is lacquered in shades of purple, with the silver-stamped logo of the prestigious Montecristo cigar brand on the front and a golden sun and moon design on the back. Gentle and adjustable double flame. 

    S.T. Dupont Le Grand Montecristo L'Aurore Lighter

    Code: C23034
    Brand: S.T. Dupont
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    No stock (Delivery time: unknown)
    € 1.565,00 (€ 1.293,39 excl. VAT)