Different nibs for every surface
The nib of a digital pen is the crucial element for best simulating the writing feel of a traditional writing instrument on paper. LAMY offers an assortment of nibs made of various materials since there are a number of different types of screen surfaces currently competing on the market.

There are LAMY nibs for both smooth as matt surfaces available. More information about these nibs, below:

Matt surfaces
Writing on matt surfaces creates a similar feel to writing on paper. The POM nib is a rounded nib and is ideally suited for these surfaces. It has a nib radius of 0.7 mm.


Product number: 1335595
Brand: LAMY
Color: Zwart

LAMY AL-star black EMR - Pointier nib

Product number: 1335595
€ 7,50 € 6,20 ex. VAT
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LAMY AL-star black EMR - Pointier nib
LAMY AL-star black EMR - Pointier nib
€ 7,50