Fountain Pen

You can order a luxury fountain pen or luxury fountain pens online from us. At PW Akkerman Amsterdam you will find a wide range of luxury fountain pens. You can order a luxury fountain pen online, or buy it at our store.

To make it more personal, we can also engrave a pen. We can engrave a pen with, for example, a name or special date. Whether it is possible to engrave a pen can be found on the page of a specific product. If it says 'pen engraving' next to it, this is possible and you can indicate the text yourself.

Fountain Pens

At PW Akkerman Amsterdam, you have come to the right place for a beautiful fountain pen. Fountain pens are not only used for signing contracts, but also for learning to write more elegant, taking daily notes or even drawing and sketching. Whether you are looking for an affordable or luxurious fountain pen: we have a large and varied collection in collaboration with more than thirty professional brands.

At PW Akkerman Amsterdam you will find the most luxurious fountain pens from, for example, S.T. Dupont or Montblanc, but also for a more affordable fountain pen you have come to the right place, such as those from Kaweco or Parker. The pens come in different materials such as lacquer, wood and stainless steel. The nibs are made of steel, real silver or karat gold and the nibsizes range from extra fine to extra wide, or calligraphy.


Limited Editions

We also have limited edition fountain pens that are made in restricted numbers.PW Akkerman Amsterdamis honored to have these beautiful writing instruments in the collection, because only a few are made worldwide. These fountain pens range from pens with Japanese hand-painted artworks to special odes to contemporary or historically known figures.



Your fountain pen can also be engraved at PW Akkerman Amsterdam. We can provide an engraving for, for example, a wedding, anniversary, obtaining a diploma or any other festive occasion. We take care of your engraving with great care.

You can order your fountain pen online from PW Akkerman Amsterdam or visit our store on Langebrugsteeg for personal advice.