The fountainpen

The fountain pen has a long history and is the first writing tool. Initially, writing was done with a piece of bamboo (or reed) with a point attached. Then the 'pen' was dipped in ink and people could write with it. This turned out not to be the most successful way because the risk of leaks was quite high.

A more refined way was writing with a quill pen. The end of the feather was cut to form a nib. Only the first few feathers of the wing were suitable for writing. A spring from the right wing was used for left-handed writers and a spring from the left wing for right-handed writers. The quill pen was dipped in ink for writing. But even a feather still gave the risk of drips and stains.

It took years before a way was found to develop a 'clean' fountain pen. The discovery of the current fountain pen was awarded to Lewis Waterman who had applied for a patent on the fountain pen. Nowadays you can buy fountain pens in many designs. There are simple and relatively cheap models, but also very luxurious fountain pens and even Limited Editions . Many fountain pens are equipped with an ink cartridge, but there are also fountain pens that are equipped with a converter. A converter is a refillable ink cartridge. Within our range of ink refills you will find both ink cartridges fountain pen refills and loose fountain pen ink . So if you are going to buy a fountain pen, order extra fountain pen ink right away!

After the fountain pen, various other pens were developed over the years. The most popular and most used pen is the ballpoint pen.