S.T. Dupont

If you are looking for luxurious high-quality goods like an ST Dupont lighter or pen, you have come to the right place. S.T Dupont is known for its craftsmanship and a great eye for detail. Take a look at our extensive collection. You can order online from our webshop or purchase them in the store.

S.T. Dupont luxury goods

S.T Dupont has developed a wide range of high-quality and authentic luxury goods. Moreover, the brand combines creativity, quality, and unique expertise. These traits were passed down from generation to generation. In our shop, you can find Duponts’ signature bags, money clips, cufflinks, and other accessories like the famous Dupont lighters. Furthermore, you find beautiful, comfortable, fluid, and lightweight pens. Take a look! 

About S.T. Dupont

S.T. Dupont is a Paris-based company founded by Simon Tissot-Dupon in 1872. Simon had a great eye for luxuries and fashion. He originally manufactured high-quality travel cases but developed way more luxury goods throughout the years. He built a great reputation thanks to the travel cases and bags he created with great craftsmanship. After the first world war, he handed the business over to his sons who expanded the operations and entered other markets. Among other things, they moved into the production of luxury lighters at the request of the Maharajah of Patiala and in the production of pens at the request of Jackie Kennedy. 

ST Dupont pen assortment

Looking for an ST Dupont pen? All writing instruments are characterized by pure lines, rich materials, and crafted for the perfect grip.

ST Dupont ballpoint pen

In 1973 S.T. Dupont launched its first luxury pen, a ballpoint pen. As mentioned, it was requested by Jackie Kennedy who was already using the S.T. Dupont lighter and wanted a pen in a similar style. A ballpoint pen is a pen that transfers the ink from the cartridge to the paper through a ball in the tip. This model has become rather iconic for writing enthusiasts.

ST Dupont fountain pen

An ST Dupont fountain pen is known for its excellent build, quality, and its looks. The pen writes rather smoothly. Dupont also created a collection of writing instruments devoted to women. They developed the ST Dupont Liberté fountain pen. It is characterized by rounded ends and is designed for the proportions of a woman’s hand. 

ST Dupont rollerball pen

The ST Dupont rollerball pen is known for its elegant design and defined details. These pens are easy to use, as the ballpoint pen, but are rather refined in their looks. These pens can be found in a more traditional style, but also a more modern style. The ST Dupont rollerball pen combines prestige and beauty. Within our assortment, you can find several collections, take a look!

Do you have questions?

Do you still have questions about ST Dupont’s high-quality goods? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re here to help you choose the right luxurious pen, lighter, or bag for yourself or someone close to you.


Where are S.T. Dupont pens made?

The Dupont pens are made in France, where the company originated. The luxury pens are manufactured at a workshop in Faverges, where it is located next to Lake Annecy. So, the S.T. Dupont products are produced in an exceptional natural environment. 

Where to buy S.T. Dupont pens?

At P.W. Akkerman you can find a wide range of luxury pens, such as the S.T. Dupont pen. Treat yourself with an elegant luxurious pen, or surprise someone else. You can order pens, like the ST Dupont fountain pen or the rollerball pen, online or visit our store in Amsterdam. Take a quick look!