Leuchtturm1917 at P.W. Akkerman

Leuchtturm1917 is a well-known stationery brand and, as its name suggests, was founded in 1917. Therefore, the brand has over 100 years of experience in the production of notebooks, diaries, planners, bullet journals and more. All paper products from Leuchtturm1917 are of high quality. This allows you to carry your written down notes, stories, thoughts and memories with you forever. 

Leuchtturm 1917 assortment

There are many products from Leuchtturm1917 included in the assortment of P.W. Akkerman. Think of the famous Leuchtturm diary, bullet journal or notebook. The products are very popular among writers, students, professionals and stationery lovers. This is due to several reasons:

  • Quality
    Thick, sturdy paper is used in Leuchtturm1917's products. This is especially pleasant when writing with a fountain pen. The ink will not penetrate and be visible on the page on the back.
  • Stylish
    The simple and stylish design makes the products timeless.
  • Functional
    Different layouts are designed that make the products very practical. For example, the notebooks have a table of contents and numbered pages.
  • Sustainable
    The products are made of FSC-certified paper, which helps reduce waste.

Leuchtturm notebook

Leuchtturm notebooks are popular and for good reason. They are simple, high quality and available in beautiful colors. In addition, there are different variations of notebooks; with lines, but also with dots or blank. They also come in different sizes (A4, A5 or A6) and in hard and soft cover variants. Let your thoughts grow into words and sentences. Perhaps your notes will create beautiful projects, stories to tell your loved ones someday, or perhaps give you insight into life. Whatever you jot down in a Leuchtturm notebook, it would always be preserved.

Special editions

Looking for an extra special notebook? Leuchtturm1917 releases a special edition once in a while. With this, they collaborate with other professionals to create unique notebooks. The special edition notebooks often have a special cover or color. Or they are made of a unique material. Special edition notebooks are available in different sizes and for different purposes.


Available at P.W. Akkerman: the Monocle collection. This is an exclusive edition of Leuchtturm notebook in cooperation with the international lifestyle magazine Monocle for people who want to combine an urban way of life with their own ideas. The collection includes notebooks, Drehgriffels No. 1 and penloops.

Drehgriffel and penloops

You can also turn to Leuchtturm1917 for accessories to further enrich your experience with the notebooks. For example, you can also buy ballpoint pens and pencils under the Drehgriffel name. The pens and pencils are of high quality and also have a beautiful design.

You can easily store your Drehgriffel pen or pencil with your Leuchtturm notebook by means of a penloop. Simply place the pen loop on the back of the inside cover and never forget your Drehgriffel pen or pencil again!

Leuchtturm Diary

In addition to Leuchtturm1917 notebooks, you will also find Leuchtturm planners in our assortment. With a Leuchtturm diary you keep an overview of your life. The diaries are available in 12 months and 18 months. This means there is always an ideal diary to suit your situation, whether you work, study or go to school. Besides being practical, the calendars are also very nice and stylish! They are available in a variety of beautiful colors and sizes. Because of the good quality of a Leuchtturm diary, you can take it with you anywhere, you don't have to worry about the cover or paper deteriorating. Plan and keep track with a Leuchtturm diary!

Leuchtturm bullet journal

Bullet journaling is a real trend. It is impossible to imagine the world of bullet journaling without the Leuchtturm1917 brand name. A Leuchtturm bullet journal, as the name suggests, has dots instead of dashes to write or draw between. In addition to the dots, the Leuchtturm bullet journal is ideal for journaling because the paper is of good quality, so ink does not show through. The journal also has a sturdy cover. A Leuchtturm bullet journal offers space for writing down appointments, thoughts, ideas and moments of reflection. Let your creativity run wild with a Leuchtturm bullet journal!

In addition to the well-known bullet journal, you can also find Change Journals, Start-Up journals and Some Lines a Day journals in our assortment.

Other Leuchtturm1917 stationery products

You can also come to us for lesser known products of the brand. For example, we have sketchbooks, address books, jottbooks and springback binders in our assortment. You can expect the same quality from these products as the notebooks, diaries and bullet journals!

In need off help?

We understand that with an extensive assortment like Leuchtturm1917's, it can be difficult to choose between all the beautiful products. Of course we at P.W. Akkerman are ready to help you choose the right product to suit your personal situation.

You can also contact us for other questions about this brand or, for example, the status of your order. Our friendly customer service will be happy to help you!