"A love that moves the sun and the other stars."

This writing instrument is inspired by Dante Alighieri who was an Italian philospher. He wrote the Divine Comedy in the 14th century which features his journey through Heaven. It is divided into three parts, namely Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradise. The pen was finished seven hundred years after the death of Dante.

The Dante Paradiso fountain pen is based on the third part, which focusses on the four virtues: Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Fortitude. Now Dante finds himself in paradise, a world of eternal light and bliss.

The latter has been the inspiration of this pen, featuring a white lacquer body finished with rose gold plated trims. A subtle detial can be found in the rose gold embellishing on the barrel, which shows the Italian flag.

Additionally, the rose gold nib is made of 18kt solid gold. The pen has a piston filling mechanism.

The writing instrument is limited to 1265 which is Dante's year of birth. This is number 245/1265.


Product number: 920-CPW
Brand: Aurora
Color: Wit

Aurora Dante Paradiso Fountain Pen

Product number: 920-CPW
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Aurora Dante Paradiso Fountain Pen
Aurora Dante Paradiso Fountain Pen
€ 1.600,00