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If you are looking to buy a luxury pen, you’ve come to the right place. Our shop was established in 1927, and has grown to become one of the best pen shops in the Netherlands. We have a wide range of pens from many different premium brands such as Waterman, Parker and Montblanc. Because of our extensive product range, you will definitely find a pen that meets your criteria and budget.


Large assortment of luxury pens and other products
Whether you are looking for a ballpoint pen, rollerball or a luxury fountain pen, you will certainly succeed here. We have a large assortment of pens and a wide variety in different brands: we have pens from the brands Waterman, Parker, St. Dupont, Montblanc, Kaweco  and many more. That’s what makes us one of the biggest penshops in the Netherlands.

Besides the standard and more regular versions of the pens, we also have more exclusive ones which are Limited Editions. You can see our supply of limited edition fountain pens if you click on the button ‘Limited Editions’ above. Only a limited amount of these writing instruments is produced, some of which have been made just a few hundred times!

Not only do we sell fountain pens, we also have a wide variety of other writing instruments and office supplies, and notebooks from quality brands like Leuchtturm and Moleskine. Besides that, we sell plenty of other luxury items such as briefcases and cufflinks.

Order online or visit our store in Amsterdam
You can order all our luxury fountain pens or other pens online. We assure you of shipping your order as soon as possible. But, if you’re in Amsterdam, paying a visit to our store is definitely worthwhile. We will provide you with the best service and you can ask us anything you want to know about our products!


  • Visconti has taken inspiration from a famous painter of the XVII century: Rembrandt Harmenszoon
    van Rijn, better known as Rembrandt.
    He was a master like anybody before in representing the fusion between earthly and spiritual life.
    He was able to transfer this vision on his paintings with a masterful use of the colors; the so called
    "Chiaro e Scuro technique".
    Its technique has been interpreted from Visconti by carefully selecting beautiful colorful resins
    with brushes of colors that make every pen unique, like only a real masterpiece could be.

    The Rembrandt has a unique magnetic closing system which makes it very easy to open and close;
    differently from the normal "snap" system it does not become loose with the time being.
    It is enriched with a dedicated metal ring decorated.
    The clip is unique to Visconti and reveals the origin of the brand as it takes inspiration from the
    Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) in Florence.
    Shape and dimensions make it the perfect collection to be used every day. 
    It has been thought for young generations of writers, who want their sign to become a distinctive
    symbol, that want to leave a mark in their own history.

    € 130,00 (€ 107,44 excl. VAT)

    Visconti Rembrandt Black Rollerball

    Code: KP10-01-RB
    Brand: Visconti
    Packed per: 1 / 1 Price per: 1
    Stock: 50
  • The cardprotector protects your cards from damage, bending and prevents skimming. TNO tested. The protector is made of aluminium. reddot design award winner 2010.
    € 24,95 (€ 20,62 excl. VAT)

    Secrid Cardprotector Black

    Code: C-BLACK
    Brand: Secrid
    Packed per: 1 / 1 Price per: 1
    Stock: 100
  • The El Casco table sharpener is provided with a sucker, so you can attach it to the table. 
    The length of the point of the pencil can be set. 
    The container for the pencil shavings has a file to make the point of the pencil even sharper. 
    Cast iron lacquer with gold plated finish.
    € 425,00 (€ 351,24 excl. VAT)

    El Casco Tablesharpener 23K Gold-Plated

    Code: M-430-LN
    Brand: El Casco
    Packed per: 1 / 1 Price per: 1
    Stock: 2
  • Montblanc
    Bar Model Stainless Steel

    These rectangular cufflinks by Montblanc are made of stainless steel with a black PVD finish and a blue-purple glass inlay. The brand name of Montblanc is subtly visible. The size is 21 x 6 mm.

    € 234,99 (€ 194,21 excl. VAT)

    Montblanc Manchetknopen Bar Model Stainless Steel

    Code: 112930
    Brand: Montblanc
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 1
  • This pen belongs to the Peerless 125 collection of the brand Cross.

    The collection is known as the culimination of Cross' rich history, for innovation and unique prestation are the key factors embedded in the succes of this brand.

    The body has a 23kt gold plated finish with engine-turned engravings and polished 23kt gold plate appointments.

    A turning system protects the ink from drying out.

    The pen is filled with a black ballpoint refill in the size Medium.

    Peerless 125 celebrates two milestones in the history of Cross: the 1889 debute of the original Peerless Pen and the introduction of the centuries iconic line in 1935.

    Thus, by combining the elements of these two classic designs, Cross has created a collection that not only blooms in simplicity, but also represents the beauty of its design and eye for detail, creating a legendary writing instrument.

    € 250,00 (€ 206,61 excl. VAT)

    Cross Peerless 125 23K Gold Ballpoint

    Code: AT0702-4
    Brand: Cross
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 50
  • The Intuition Platino Wood collection combines the natural and warm charisma of wood with the cool elegance of platinum-plated surfaces in a unique way. The finely fluted barrel of this rollerball is elegantly shaped from a single piece. Thanks to the gently concave grip it sits comfortably between the fingers.

    The barrel of this writing instrument is made of dark brown grenadilla, a precious type of wood which grows very slowly, is particularly hard and durable, and correspondingly difficult to work. The manufacturing process involves over a hundred steps, most of them carried out by hand.

    € 485,00 (€ 400,83 excl. VAT)

    Graf von Faber-Castell Intuition Platino Grenadilla Rollerball

    Code: 147211
    Brand: Graf von Faber-Castell
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 100
  • Léman Lilac brings to mind the beautiful colours of gardens in the springtime.

    Attractive, mysterious and delicate, this hue sheds light on the new shape of the Léman writing instruments with their curved lines and sophisticated finish. 

    € 330,00 (€ 272,73 excl. VAT)

    Caran d'Ache Léman Lilac Pencil

    Code: 4769.110
    Brand: Caran d'Ache
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 7
  • Fisher Space Pen
    Ballpoint Refill
    Black, Medium

    "Goes Anywhere, Writes Everywhere."

    Pressurized ballpoint refill for your Fisher Spacepen.

    € 8,00 (€ 6,61 excl. VAT)

    Fisher Spacepen Ballpoint Refill Black Medium

    Code: PR4
    Brand: Fisher Space Pen
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 1000
  • Pelikan 4001 Ink Bottle

    Violet purple ink for your fountain pen, from the Pelikan 4001 ink collection.
    This famous 4001 ink is being produced for over a hundred years already, and guarantees good quality.

    € 7,95 (€ 6,57 excl. VAT)

    Pelikan 4001 Ink Bottle Violet

    Code: 176329193
    Brand: Pelikan
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 250
  • Ballpoint refills in the colour Emerald Green are sold per two, in the size Medium.
    Ink for a fountain pen (bottle and cartridges) and refills for a rollerball are also available in this colour.

    Also check out the Montblanc Pix rollerbal and ballpoint in the colour Emerald Green.

    € 16,30 (€ 13,47 excl. VAT)

    Montblanc Ballpoint Refills Emerald Green Medium

    Code: 118126
    Brand: Montblanc
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 12
  • ST Dupont
    Slim 7 Lighter
    Chrome Finish Silver

    The Slim 7 collection of ST Dupont is the world's slimmest luxury lighter. The lighter is only 7mm thin. The Slim 7 delivers a wind-resistant torch flame that's powerful enough to light up whatever you need it to, wherever you are. 

    € 150,00 (€ 123,97 excl. VAT)

    S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Lighter Firehead Chrome

    Code: 027716
    Brand: ST Dupont
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 0
  • Pelikan is known for its high quality Japanese craftsmanship. This special edition is inspired by the rock garden, an important element of the Japanese culture. The Japanese ornamental garden, often with pretty stones in natural colours, has a calming effect on the viewer.

    This elegant fountain pen is executed in an intense blue colour and a warm brown complexion. Together, these colours create a stone-like effect, in which the angles and edges of real rocks are imitated. Therefore, it looks as if the barrel of the fountain pen, which is made of cellulose acetate, gives light and has depth. The cap is made of precious resin in a deep blue colour. 
    The fittings and typical Pelikan clip are gold-coated (24 karat gold).

    The bi-coloured, 18 karat nib is available in the sizes M (Medium), F (Fine) and EF (Extra Fine). The Extra Fine nib costs 56 euro extra.

    Pelikan also has a matching blue ink colour in its collection, Edelstein Sapphire, which is available in our webshop.

    € 529,00 (€ 437,19 excl. VAT)

    Pelikan Special Edition Stone Garden Fountain Pen

    Code: 810081
    Brand: Pelikan
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 10