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If you are looking to buy a luxury pen, you’ve come to the right place. Our shop was established in 1927, and has grown to become one of the best pen shops in the Netherlands. We have a wide range of pens from many different premium brands such as Waterman, Parker and Montblanc. Because of our extensive product range, you will definitely find a pen that meets your criteria and budget.


Large assortment of luxury pens and other products
Whether you are looking for a ballpoint pen, rollerball or a luxury fountain pen, you will certainly succeed here. We have a large assortment of pens and a wide variety in different brands: we have pens from the brands Waterman, Parker, St. Dupont, Montblanc, Kaweco  and many more. That’s what makes us one of the biggest penshops in the Netherlands.

Besides the standard and more regular versions of the pens, we also have more exclusive ones which are Limited Editions. You can see our supply of limited edition fountain pens if you click on the button ‘Limited Editions’ above. Only a limited amount of these writing instruments is produced, some of which have been made just a few hundred times!

Not only do we sell fountain pens, we also have a wide variety of other writing instruments and office supplies, and notebooks from quality brands like Leuchtturm and Moleskine. Besides that, we sell plenty of other luxury items such as briefcases and cufflinks.

Order online or visit our store in Amsterdam
You can order all our luxury fountain pens or other pens online. We assure you of shipping your order as soon as possible. But, if you’re in Amsterdam, paying a visit to our store is definitely worthwhile. We will provide you with the best service and you can ask us anything you want to know about our products!


  • Material is resin.
    € 315,00 (€ 260,33 excl. VAT)

    Parker Duofold roller Black GT

    Code: 248
    Brand: Parker
    Packed per: 1 / 1 Price per: 1
    Stock: 2
  • This Montblanc Meisterstück document bag is made of cowhide leather and stainless steel.

    € 1.015,00 (€ 838,84 excl. VAT)

    Montblanc Meisterstück Soft Grain Document Bag

    Code: 111118
    Brand: Montblanc
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 20
  • S.T. Dupont 2015 Shoot the Moon Limited Edition

    S.T. Dupont pays tribute to Author Jules Verne with this futuristic limited edition. 

    Jules Verne has imagined an extraordinary adventure, at the end of the war of secession, the gun club of Baltimore tries to send a projectile on the moon with an impressive cannon.

    This limited edition is inspired by Mr. Verne's writings and drawings, featuring intricate, detailed engraving and finely placed Chinese lacquer.

    Available numbers: 065/865 and 068/865

    Cufflinks/Lighter/book not included! Pen comes in the same leather case.

    € 3.935,00 € 2.999,99 (€ 2.479,33 excl. VAT)

    S.T. Dupont Writing kit Shoot the Moon Limited Edition

    Code: C41005N
    Brand: St Dupont
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 2
  • The LAMY Imporium series enriches the market for Premium Writing instruments by yet another product that will leave a lasting impression.

    The characteristic body of straight lines is technically striking, making it completely individual and unique – while contrast is provided by the firmly cylindrical cap.

    This combination of shapes lends the series – featuring fountain pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil – its classic and timeless appearance.

    The various models designed for LAMY by Mario Bellini are refined using high-end PVD coating and galvanisation.

    LAMY Imporium – a series of writing instruments that effortlessly unites attitude and style.

    € 315,00 (€ 260,33 excl. VAT)

    LAMY Imporium Titanium Rollerball

    Code: 1327957
    Brand: LAMY
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 2
  • With the Kaweco Sport something special was created in 1911. A mechanical pen that only measured 10,5 cm. Perfect for in your pocket and therefore came in handy as an every day carry item. 

    Today's series Classic Guilloch was inspired by these historical roots. The collection contains classic and historical colours. This writing instrument is an outstanding instrument due to a golden coloured logo cap and a premium golden hot foil stamping. 

    The Kaweco Classic Guilloch has a refill of 0.7 mm. In addition to that is this writing instrument aslo available in a fountain pen and ballpoint. 

    € 27,75 (€ 22,93 excl. VAT)

    Kaweco Sport Guilloch Black 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil

    Code: 10000067
    Brand: Kaweco
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 12
  • The cardprotector protects your cards from damage, bending and prevents skimming. TNO tested. The protector is made of aluminium and the cover is made of leather. 

    Reddot design award winner 2010.

    € 49,95 (€ 41,28 excl. VAT)

    Secrid Miniwallet Vintage Cognac Rust

    Brand: Secrid
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 20
  • The cardprotector protects your cards from damage, bending and prevents skimming. TNO tested. The protector is made of aluminium and the cover is made of leather. 

    Reddot design award winner 2010.

    € 49,95 (€ 41,28 excl. VAT)

    Secrid MiniWallet Matte Green

    Brand: Secrid
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 1000


    Montegrappa Felicità Sugar Pink Dust Ballpoint
    Montegrappa is pleased to announce a diminutive arrival that’s proving difficult not to describe as “cute” or “adorable”! 
    Based on the popular Fortuna family of pens, Felicitá is a more compact version, smaller in volume and ideal for any pocket, purse man-bag, hand-luggage and other holders with limited or reduced space.


    With a unisex design that is clean and modern, Felicitá is also better suited to the female hand than many full-sized pens. 
    Because it’s shorter than the full-sized Fortuna, Felicita’s dimensions ideally suit the space in a lady’s clutch.


    Felicitá’s cap and barrel are formed of delicately pearlised resin, with a choice of four colours: pink, red, blue and beige. 
    All are trimmed in stainless steel. 
    To distinguish the new family of pens from its siblings, Felicitá features on its cap end the octagonal monogram of Montegrappa, crafted in palladium and coloured enamel. 
    The Montegrappa signature is laser-cut on the cap band.

    € 140,00 (€ 115,70 excl. VAT)

    Montegrappa Felicità Sugar Pink Dust Ballpoint

    Code: ISFARBIS
    Brand: Montegrappa
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 3
  • Semikolon
    A5 Notebook 'Mucho'

    Color: Lime Green

    Thick spiralbound A5 notebook from Semikolon. Semikolon's 'Mucho' notebook consists of 330 pages: 110 lined pages, 110 squared pages and 110 plain pages. It also has 2 transparent tabs and 2 stable transparent bags.

    Length:     21.7 cm
    Width:      15.7 cm
    Height:     21.7 cm
    Weight:    723 g
    Format:    DIN A5
    Pages:     330

    € 17,94 (€ 14,83 excl. VAT)

    Semikolon Mucho Notebook lined-squared-plain Lime Green

    Code: 4250053636978
    Brand: semikolon
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 5
  • P.W. Akkerman

    Giftcard for €50!

    To spent in our online webshop and the shop. 

    € 50,00 (€ 41,32 excl. VAT)

    P.W. Akkerman Giftcard €50

    Code: GIFTCARD50
    Brand: PW Akkerman
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 100
  • Cross
    Wanderlust Ballpoint

    Inspired by the visual masterpiece that is Planet Earth, Wanderlust pens evoke fiery canyons and ice-slicked mountaintops, crystal-blue seas and lush green rainforests. Rich, swirling patterns draw the eye to delicate metallic engravings on each naturally-beautiful design. This version is inspired by the crystal-blue seas found surrounding Malta.

    € 72,00 (€ 59,50 excl. VAT)

    Cross Wanderlust Malta Ballpoint

    Code: AT0752-4
    Brand: Cross
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 1
  • Montblanc PIX collection is inspired by sleek and simple elegance with a playful attitude towards colors. The luxury ballpoint is crafted in polished precious resin and features platinum coated fittings. The cap top is crowned with the iconic white Montblanc emblem.

    € 205,00 (€ 169,42 excl. VAT)

    Montblanc PIX Mustard Yellow Ballpoint

    Code: 125240
    Brand: Montblanc
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 15