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If you are looking to buy a luxury pen, you’ve come to the right place. Our shop was established in 1927, and has grown to become one of the best pen shops in the Netherlands. We have a wide range of pens from many different premium brands such as Waterman, Parker and Montblanc. Because of our extensive product range, you will definitely find a pen that meets your criteria and budget.


Large assortment of luxury pens and other products
Whether you are looking for a ballpoint pen, rollerball or a luxury fountain pen, you will certainly succeed here. We have a large assortment of pens and a wide variety in different brands: we have pens from the brands Waterman, Parker, St. Dupont, Montblanc, Kaweco  and many more. That’s what makes us one of the biggest penshops in the Netherlands.

Besides the standard and more regular versions of the pens, we also have more exclusive ones which are Limited Editions. You can see our supply of limited edition fountain pens if you click on the button ‘Limited Editions’ above. Only a limited amount of these writing instruments is produced, some of which have been made just a few hundred times!

Not only do we sell fountain pens, we also have a wide variety of other writing instruments and office supplies, and notebooks from quality brands like Leuchtturm and Moleskine. Besides that, we sell plenty of other luxury items such as briefcases and cufflinks.

Order online or visit our store in Amsterdam
You can order all our luxury fountain pens or other pens online. We assure you of shipping your order as soon as possible. But, if you’re in Amsterdam, paying a visit to our store is definitely worthwhile. We will provide you with the best service and you can ask us anything you want to know about our products!


  • Aluminium, guilloched, anodized matt material. Refillable with cartridges, but you can also use a convertor Z26. Nibs: EF/F/M/B
    € 37,00 (€ 30,58 excl. VAT)

    Lamy pur fountain pen

    Code: 824
    Brand: Lamy
    Packed per: 1 / 1 Price per: 1
    Stock: 100
  • The pleasure of writing and drawing with a classic pencil depends a good deal on it being well sharpened. But where is the best place to keep a sharpener so that it is always to hand? The Perfect Pencil provides a simple but elegant answer: just where it is needed, on the pencil itself, built into the protective cap that also serves to extend the pencil in use. With the replaceable eraser under the end cap, you have everything together in an ideally compact form and always ready for use: for writing, correcting, and sharpening.

    This perfect pencil is in the colour platinum brown and the cap is platinum-plated.

    € 220,00 (€ 181,82 excl. VAT)

    Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil Platinum Brown

    Code: 118567
    Brand: Graf von Faber-Castell
    Packed per: 1 / 1 Price per: 1
    Stock: 4
  • The writing instruments in the Guilloche collection are manufactured of rhodium, a precious metal with an extremely rigid and hard-wearing surface. The rhodium barrel of this mechanical pencil has a Guilloche engraving (fishbone motif) on it, made according to a method otherwise reserved for jewellery or silver accessories. Therefore, each writing instrument in the Guilloche collection is unique.

    This mechanical pencil contains break resistant 0.7 mm leads of hardness B. It has a reservoir for spare leads, and a replaceable white eraser under the end cap.

    € 210,00 (€ 173,55 excl. VAT)

    Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche Rhodium Mechanical Pencil

    Code: 136534
    Brand: Graf von Faber-Castell
    Packed per: 1 / 1 Price per: 1
    Stock: 3
  • Ballpointcartridge Parker fine black

    € 5,65 (€ 4,67 excl. VAT)

    Parker Ballpoint Refill Fine Black

    Code: 1950367
    Brand: Parker
    Packed per: 1 / 1 Price per: 1
    Stock: 100
  • Waterman Expert Metallic CT

    Classic model in de current collection.
    Nib: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad
    € 136,00 (€ 112,40 excl. VAT)

    Waterman Expert metallic CT fountain pen

    Code: S0952040
    Brand: Waterman
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 100
  • Based on the Line D model, the Fire Head collection is the new pattern that pays tribute to fire by drawing inspiration from its universal symbol: the triangle. The finest S.T.Dupont lacquer is teamed with palladium and a hand-finished 14k solid gold nib for incomparable style and performance.

    € 605,00 (€ 500,00 excl. VAT)

    S.T. Dupont D-Line Duo Tone Fire Head Fountain Pen

    Code: 410704
    Brand: ST Dupont
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 3
  • A classic expression of refined style, Sonnet is Parker’s symbol of elegance. 
    With an array of designs, including the enduring Ciselé pattern, every intricate detail is skillfully executed to bring sophistication to every writing occasion.
    Lacquered in a deep black glossy finish.
    Complemented with palladium finish trims.
    Packaged in a Parker premium gift box.



    € 233,00 (€ 192,56 excl. VAT)

    Parker Sonnet Black Lacquer 18K PT Fountain Pen

    Code: 1948312
    Brand: Parker
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 100
  • The Rembrandt Collection by Visconti is a beautiful tribute to the well known Dutch Master from the Dutch Golden Age.

    He was a master like anybody before in representing the fusion between earthly and spiritual life.
    He was able to transfer this vision on his paintings with a masterful use of the colors; the so called  "Chiaro e Scuro technique".
    Its technique has been interpreted from Visconti by carefully selecting beautiful coloured resins with brushes of colors that make every pen unique, like only a real masterpiece could be.

    The Rembrandt has a unique magnetic closing system which makes it very easy to open and close; differently from the normal "snap" system it will not  become loose with the time being.

    This collection is available in fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints in many different colours, all inspired by Rembrandt's paintings.



    € 120,00 (€ 99,17 excl. VAT)

    Visconti Rembrandt Khaki Green Ballpoint

    Code: 1079
    Brand: Visconti
    Packed per: 1 / 1 Price per: 1
    Stock: 3
    Plain Soft Notebook X-large

    Size (inches): 7 1/2"x10"
    Size (cm): 19x25
    ISBN 13: 978-88-8370-722-3
    The Soft Cover pocket notebook with has a flexible yet sturdy cover that adapts to the movements of the body and fits comfortably in any pocket. This is a reliable travel companion, perfect for writings, thoughts and passing notes.
    Every Moleskine product is thread bound and has a soft cover with rounded corners, acid free paper, a bookmark, an elastic closure and an expandable inner pocket that contains the Moleskine history.
    € 21,90 (€ 18,10 excl. VAT)


    Code: IMQP623K15
    Brand: MOLESKINE
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 10000
  • Stabilo Original: Colouring pencils with outstanding quality. The pencils have an elastic core, which results in razor sharp, clear lines. The pencils are particularly suitable for adding accurate details in your drawings.

    Metal can with 12 colouring pencils.

    € 19,90 (€ 16,45 excl. VAT)

    Stabilo Original Metal Can 12 pcs

    Code: 8773-6
    Brand: Stabilo
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 28
  • Leuchtturm1917
    Weekly diary and notebook -  18 months -  from July 2020 to December 2021.
    Leftside diary with full week and on the rightside space for notation 
    • From 1 July 2020 to 31 december 2021
    • Overview 2020, 2021 and 2022
    • Annual Planner 07,2020 - 12,2022
    • Overview of moon conditions
    • With inner bag
    • Removable pages for notes
    • Title and back labels for archiving
    • 80 g / m acid-free paper


    € 22,95 (€ 18,97 excl. VAT)

    Leuchtturm Diary 18 Months Weekly/note 2020-2021 A5 port Red

    Code: 362141
    Brand: LEUCHTTURM1917
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 10000
  • The name "iroshizuku" is a combination of the Japanese words "iro" (colouring) expressing high standards and variation of colours, and "shizuku" (droplet), which embodies the very image of dripping water. Each ink name derives from the expressions of beautiful Japanese natural landscapes and plants, all of which contribute to the depth of each individual hue. Enjoy Japan's rich and subtle colour aesthetic as you write.

    € 29,90 (€ 24,71 excl. VAT)

    Pilot Iroshizuku Ink Bottle Tsuki-yo

    Code: 1150TY
    Brand: Pilot
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 15