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If you are looking to buy a luxury pen, you’ve come to the right place. Our shop was established in 1927, and has grown to become one of the best pen shops in the Netherlands. We have a wide range of pens from many different premium brands such as Waterman, Parker and Montblanc. Because of our extensive product range, you will definitely find a pen that meets your criteria and budget.


Large assortment of luxury pens and other products

Whether you are looking for a ballpoint pen, rollerball or a luxury fountain pen, you will certainly succeed here. We have a large assortment of pens and a wide variety in different brands: we have pens from the brands Waterman, Parker, S.T. Dupont, Montblanc, Kaweco  and many more. That’s what makes us one of the biggest penshops in the Netherlands.

Besides the standard and more regular versions of the pens, we also have more exclusive ones which are Limited Editions. You can see our supply of limited edition fountain pens if you click on the button ‘Limited Editions’ above. Only a limited amount of these writing instruments is produced, some of which have been made just a few hundred times!

Not only do we sell fountain pens, we also have a wide variety of other writing instruments and office supplies, and notebooks from quality brands like Leuchtturm and Moleskine. Besides that, we sell plenty of other luxury items such as briefcases and cufflinks.

Order online or visit our store in Amsterdam

You can order all our luxury fountain pens or other pens online. We assure you of shipping your order as soon as possible. But, if you’re in Amsterdam, paying a visit to our store is definitely worthwhile. We will provide you with the best service and you can ask us anything you want to know about our products!


  • Aluminium container with a ribbed structuur. Including a Lamy cartridge.
    € 23,00 (€ 19,01 excl. VAT)

    LAMY pur ballpoint

    Code: 825
    Brand: Lamy
    Packed per: 1 / 1 Price per: 1
    Stock: 8701
  • Cross easywriter
    Soft grip
    € 35,01 (€ 28,93 excl. VAT)

    Cross Easy Writer Blue

    Code: AT0692-4
    Brand: Cross
    Packed per: 1 / 1 Price per: 1
    Stock: 5
  • The Fisher Bullet Pen, Classic Design
    The Fisher Bullet Pen was designed in almost 60 years ago (in 1948 to be exact) and today it is still the most popular Fisher Space Pen. The Fisher Bullet Pen, cited as an outstanding example of industrial art, has been exhibited for years in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

    The Fisher Bullet Pen is also referred to as "Fisher Bullet Shaped Pen" and "Fisher Space Pen Bullet".

    Fisher Bullet Pen Specifications:

    • Gold colour Fisher Bullet Pen
    • Black medium pressurized Fisher Space Pen Refill
    € 76,96 (€ 63,60 excl. VAT)

    Fisher Bullet Space Pen - Gold Titanium

    Code: 400TN
    Brand: Fisher Space Pen
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 4
  • Graf von Faber-Castell
    Ink Bottle Royal Blue

    This bottle contains 75 ml of ink in the colour Royal Blue.
    Cartridges are also available in this colour.

    € 29,00 (€ 23,97 excl. VAT)

    Graf von Faber-Castell Inkbottle Royal Blue

    Code: 141009
    Brand: Graf von Faber-Castell
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 100
    Set of 3 Ruled Cahier Journals - Brown - Extra large
    Size (inches): 7 1/2"x10"
    Size (cm): 19x25
    ISBN 13: 978-88-8370-501-4
    The Moleskine Cahiers are journals with a flexible heavy-duty cardboard cover with visible stitching on the spine. The last 16 sheets are detachable and there is a pocket for loose notes. Each set of 3 pieces includes the Moleskine history. With acid free paper ruled pages.
    Set of 3.
    € 15,90 (€ 13,14 excl. VAT)

    Moleskine Cahier Lined X-Large 3 Pcs

    Code: IMQP421
    Brand: Moleskine
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 10000
    Squared Notebook - Large
    Size (inches): 5" x 8 ¼"
    Size (cm): 13x21
    ISBN 13: 978-88-8370-112-2

    This basic, yet classic  notebook is one of the best selling Moleskine notebooks.
    This reliable travel companion, perfect for writings, thoughts and passing notes, has a cardboard bound cover with rounded corners, acid free paper, a bookmark, an elastic closure and an expandable inner pocket that contains the Moleskine history.
    € 19,90 (€ 16,45 excl. VAT)

    Moleskine Classic Hardcover Squared Large

    Code: IMQP061
    Brand: Moleskine
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 10000
  • Caran d'Ache Rollercartridge Blue

    Steel point. 
    Flawless fluid writing. 
    Made in Switzerland, the Caran d'Ache roller ink cartridge is compatible with all Caran d'Ache roller pens.

    € 5,00 (€ 4,13 excl. VAT)

    Caran d'Ache Rollerball Refill Blue

    Code: 8222.160
    Brand: Caran d'Ache
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 1000


    Caran d'Ache Léman Caviar Ballpoint

    Excellence and refinement. 
    The Léman Caviar is a subtle association of lacquer and guillochage techniques, revealing a fine undulating engraving enveloped with a glossy, amber tinted bronze lacquer. 
    Refined sense of caviar beads... 
    Silver-plated, rhodium-coated trims. 
    The Léman Caviar is an elegant companion and offers you exceptional writing comfort.

    € 390,00 (€ 322,31 excl. VAT)

    Caran d'Ache Léman Caviar Ballpoint

    Code: 4789.497
    Brand: Caran d'Ache
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 10
  • Retro 51 Tornado

    A rollerball with a twist mechanism and a thicker diameter.

    Packaged in a Retro tube.

    The Black Titanium edition has an anodized titanium barrel with an antique silver trim.

    € 66,01 (€ 54,55 excl. VAT)

    Retro 51 Tornado Big Shot Black Titanium Rollerball

    Code: TRR-1301
    Brand: Retro 51
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 2
  • Lamy
    Studio Fountain Pen

    The Studio collection by Lamy is characterized by a modern, innovative design. The fittings are made of shiny chromium. The clip is reminiscent of a modern piece of sculpture, and has the elegant shape of a propellor. This olive green version is a limited edition.

    The nib is made of stainless steel, and available in the sizes M (Medium), F (Fine) and EF (Extra Fine).

    € 65,00 (€ 53,72 excl. VAT)

    Lamy Studio Terracotta Fountain Pen

    Code: 1333308
    Brand: LAMY
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 30
  • NEW - The 2019 Parker IM Special Edition is a tribute to unbounded dreams and ambition. The carefully crafted collection is a constant reminder that nothing is out of reach when we dare to shoot for the moon, inspired by a generation who define benchmarks. 

    Each of the four pens is finished to the high standard emblematic of Parker's expertise and craftmanship, and feature the iconic trademark arrow clip. The distinct bold design of each pen tells in four chapters the story of passion, ambition, growth and purpose. 


    The IM Special Edition Metallic Pursuit is inspired by the unlimited opportunities which direct us towards our purpose. The cap and barrel, emblazoned with the energetic trajectory of growth, remind us that our path towards success is a unique journey that only we as individuals can take. The dynamic and determined line pattern of the stainless steel, black lacquer barrel, the etched, black shine-varnished cap, and the iconic trademark arrow clip, steer our pathway to success in a tangible and clear direction. This pen is carefully finished to the high standard emblematic of Parker’s expertise and craftsmanship. 

    The ballpoint has brass and chrome-plated trims. The writing instrument comes with a specially designed gift box.

    € 51,00 (€ 42,15 excl. VAT)

    Parker IM Deluxe Metallic Pursuit Ballpoint

    Code: 2074143
    Brand: Parker
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 100
  • This special edition Meisterstück ballpoint pen from Montblanc is inspired by the famous literature work by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince. The French book was published in 1943 and is currently known as one of the most translated books in the world.


    The work tells the story of a meeting between a pilot and the young prins. The prins lives on planet asteroid B 612, on which only one rose blooms, protected by a glass shield. For the Montblanc Le Petit Prince and Planet, the rose is a symbol for our earth. Humankind only has one earth, and therefore the philosophical relationship between nature and the environment reflect the importance of our existence on this planet. Thus, this pen makes us remember the earth's worth and translates the the message that one should cherish our earth.

    “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”
    – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince


    The body of the pen consists of burgundy coloured resin. Furthermore, the clip is completed with a yellow star.


    This pen is a longterm and unique piece of art. For every generation that the pan is passed on, the new recipient experiences the philosophy and lessons of previous generations. For this reason, the pen becomes a special instrument of which the message, inspired by the literature work, will forever exist.

    € 500,00 (€ 413,22 excl. VAT)

    Montblanc Meisterstück Classique Le Petit Prince and Planet Ballpoint

    Code: 125311
    Brand: Montblanc
    Packed per: / 1 Price per:
    Stock: 4