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  • Pininfarina Cambiano Napkin 4.EVER

    Inkless Aluminium Pen Desk Set


    Originated by the new collaboration between Napkin 4.EVER and Pininfarina: the ultramodern ink-less pen with desk set.


    This innovative pen has the advantage of never having to buy or change refills, the Pininfarina Cambiano can give you an unlimited writing experience.


    Because of the material of the top, this has been made possible. The special Ethergraf tip is made of a patented metal alloy, that will give you the same writing experience as the lines of a soft pencil.


    What makes the pen look stylish is the design, that is made of an interesting combination between aluminium and wood.


    The usage of the pen is not only practical for daily use, but can also be seen as a classic accessory.


    The pen is delivered in a wooden box that also has the function of a support structure that can hold the pen- hence the classic accessory.


    In conclusion, the pen can easily be taken on the go and protected in the box, or can be ready for use by placing it on your desk.  

    €105.00 (€86.78 excl. VAT)

    Pininfarina Cambiano Napkin 4.EVER Inkless Aluminium Pen Desk Set

    Code: NPKRE-01664
    Brand: Pininfarina
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